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Joining CVJS

The Chicago Vocal Jazz School welcomes students of all levels who are excited about finding their unique artistic voice. CVJS-founder Christine Hannan who saw a need for a place for beginning to professional singers to delve into the vocal jazz genre in an approachable, practical way. Lessons address many topics and can include: vocal technique, singing with expression, jazz improvisation, repertoire selection, arranging, songwriting, and self-accompanying.


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What is Vocal Jazz?

Since you’re here, you might already have a love for vocal jazz. There are so many examples of great jazz singers, from the crooners like Frank Sinatra to modern day singers like Esperanza Spaulding. Jazz is constantly evolving, mixing with other genres, and there is room for YOU in the history of this music. Visit the listening room to listen to how this art form has evolved.


Performing Opportunities

The best way to understand singing jazz is spontaneously through performance! There are several performing opportunities throughout the year for CVJS students in Chicago with live rhythm section.


Improvising for Singers

Perhaps the most fascinating and mysterious aspect of vocal jazz is vocal improvisation, or “scat singing.” If you’ve ever wanted to improvise but not known where to start, don’t worry! Lessons are structured and paced in an approachable to learn this amazing skill. I’ve made several resource pages to help. Click below to start listening and learning!


Where to hear live jazz in Chicago

Chicago is home to one of the biggest and most diverse jazz scenes in the country. Learning vocal jazz in a big city like Chicago means you have the best resource at your fingertips: seeing live jazz. There are clubs all over the city - some with big stages, some intimate - all featuring amazing local Chicago musicians. Ask me for specific recommendations if you’re looking for something in particular. Otherwise — pick a night and go enjoy some jazz.

Here are some venue calendars to check out: