Vocal Jazz Improvisation Resources

Diving into improvising can be a daunting process, especially with so many resources out there to choose from. Here are some of my favorite resources.


Vocal Jazz Improvisation: An Instrumental Approach

Darmon Meader is the modern authority on vocal jazz improvisation. A saxophone player and vocalist, Darmon’s book addresses all important aspects of learning to improvise as a vocalist. The book comes with recordings of the exercises and play-along tracks. It is the best resource for all levels of vocalists learning to improvise. A must have.



Improvising takes practice, just like any other musical skills. iRealPro is available for computer or on the app store, and has playback rhythm section recordings for every jazz standard. It even has the ability for you to create your own chord progressions to practice over. I can help you set it up in a lesson, but this is one of the most valuable resources for any improviser.

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Vocal Solos To Transcribe

The best way to become a master improviser is to imitate the greats. I’ve compiled a list of videos to listen to, study, and imitate.

JazzAdvice - How To Practice Jazz Improvisation

The website JazzAdvice.com is a wonderful resource for improvisers. There are a ton of great articles on jazz improvising. The article linked below “How To Practice: A Diagram Illustrating the 3 Essential Pieces To Practicing Jazz” is a good place to start.