Voice Lessons

Subjects covered in lessons include: 

Vocal technique - gaining control over low and high registers
Breath control for increased endurance
Delivering lyrics powerfully
Jazz Theory for the Jazz Vocalist
Vocal improvisation (scat singing) 
Building your jazz repertoire

I take great pride in fostering each student's unique gifts as we work toward individual goals. With my students, I love breaking down big goals into small achievable ones, and I love seeing those break-through moments time and time again as we work together. I work with students to build voice technique, learn new repertoire in multiple genres, gain an understanding of how the voice works in different settings. I love seeing the confidence this gives students. My ultimate goal with each student is to build their musical "tool kit" so they can self-assess and problem shoot on their own, and love seeing the artistry and creativity that can take flight!

I am a certified Somatic Voicework™ teacher.

I currently have a few openings for new students. Contact me with what you're looking for from vocal lessons and we can set up a trial lesson. 

Having voice lessons with Ms. Christine is a very fun and educational experience. The one on one time is very helpful because it helps me to learn more about what could do with my voice, as well as learn more about the technical aspects of singing. I have a great time, love the songs I get to sing, and Christine is a wonderful teacher!
— Mia, age 18